50 Minutes with Mailbox App

So somewhere in the middle of the night a timer hit zero and I was granted access to mailbox app.

So I wake excited about the prospect of freeing myself of the bogged down ways of old email, yet I find myself in very familiar place. Trying fit the way I use email into the way the app has decided I should use email.

Albeit, the app is beautiful and has easy to use gestures. The feature that clears out your inbox is pretty awesome too. But I am now again forced to see it I can make it work with my flow.

What is my flow? Being a programmer a lot of my email passes through my inbox to filters. I check these filters whenever I have time or a reason to look through them. These are now scattered through my checked tab. None of my current lists are pulled into the app, at least they did the good job of adding lists they created into one group. Conversations will be the new ‘I didn’t get your email’ excuse, which mask emails received into threads updated. A concept only created to decrease the badge number of the app itself. It can be toggled.

Main issue for me is that I use email everywhere not just on my phone, I don’t think I am in the minority here. I now have to relearn how my mail looks inside Gmail. Call me silly but when I learn new things I actually like to learn new things.

That being said this might be the nature of the beast we are dealing with, but after watching the video, I was hoping I could hike and clear out all my email with ease, and actually deal with it after on my computer with ease.


Here is an email I received from the team regarding my qualms with the app.

I wish someone would be bold enough to start a new email service and build an app thats cohesive with it.


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